CMS Mobile

Video Client Software For Mobile Devices

CMS Mobile is a full-featured client application designed to use the smart phone and tablets. Extremely intuitive interface and enhanced functionality provides an efficient and fast access to Alnet Systems VMS servers from anywhere worldwide.
Install Free CMS Mobile app on your Smartphone to connect and test our HD demo servers

Unlimited number of connected servers allows remote monitoring of the most complex installations from multiple locations.
Optimized digital zoom and PTZ control help fine-tune the image to the user’s requirements. Remote control digital I /O allow you to control any devices, such as gates or lights.

Advanced bandwidth management stream provides a very smooth image even at HD resolutions. CMS Mobile software is free and available on most mobile platforms.


Install free CMS Mobile app on your smartphone to connect and test our HD demo servers



System specification:

  • Unlimited number of connections to servers
  • Up to 64 cameras on one screen
  • PTZ control
  • Digital control of I/O
  • Remote access to the archive
  • Full support for HD cameras
  • Digital Zoom
  • Free of charge

Download Manuals:

Multiplatform support: