CMS Professional

Advanced Powerful Remote Client Software

cms-professionalCMS Professional is an advanced client application that works in conjunction with NetStation and NetHybrid Servers. The software provides the capability of remote monitoring both one location and large systems consisting of several hundred servers no matter the distance between them. Expanded support for eight monitors makes the CMS application suitable for advanced monitoring stations in an inexpensive and fast installation. A special synoptic table is able to check up to a 1000 NetStation/NetHybrid server simultaneously with full reporting capability. Advanced functionality allows the operator to have quick access to all the basic functions necessary for everyday use. Specially designed system of dynamic video optimization allows the CMS application to stream multiple cameras effectively using low bandwidth consumption. This type of solution is extremely useful with servers that record using Mega-Pixel cameras.Each client application has the capability of recording video streams from Alnet servers, creating a redundant backup in case of server damage. Recorded streams can be easily accessed through the Archive module, which contains all of the same functions that are available on the server. The advanced timeline allows for a quick and effective way to search for events in the recordings, and bookmarks help facilitate the marking of events to be watched at a later date. If the event needs to be exported, it can be easily done using the backup/AVI function.

With extensive installations utilizing a large number of cameras, an E-map is a very useful tool to locate cameras in a given area. The ability to have multi-level building plans, allows for the easy monitoring of all cameras in any sized building. CMS Professional client software can be used for continuous monitoring, or it can be automatically initialized based on an event that occurred on the server. It can simultaneously connect to 16 locations at once and stream video with the ability to display 64 cameras per monitor or 512 cameras per video wall. Included with the functions of the CMS application, it is possible to check the presence of the operator and to set custom and dynamic layouts of different cameras. The CMS application is designed around the server layout so it is very easy to train new personnel. With the Alnet CMS it does not take weeks of training to fully utilize its functions as it was professionally designed with the user in mind.

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System specification:

  • Multi monitor support
  • Multi server connection support
  • Remote servers status monitoring
  • Advanced remot archive files support
  • Up to 64 cameras on one screen
  • Advanced PTZ control
  • I/O control
  • Multi level e-maps
  • Automatic bandwidth control
  • Advanced digital zoom
  • Local recordnig support
  • Multi layout support
  • Back-up function
  • Multi stream support
  • Export evidence
  • Audio support
  • Advanced user accounts administration
  • Easy to use GUI