AlnetBaltic offers a full range of network cameras, delivering superior video quality, intelligent features, system flexibility, and cost-­effectiveness. The MESSOA IP network cameras are your powerful surveillance solution that get your system ready for the future’s challenging tasks!

Supreme Network Capabilities

Unmatched Clarity and Coverage

The next generation network cameras deliver superior HDTV video quality up to 5-­megapixel resolution with full frame rates and 16:9 aspect ratio, providing users with the clearest video images and the widest view coverage possible in the finest detail.

H.264 Compression

H.264 is a cost-­saving compression format which consumes very little storage and bandwidth resources while maintaining premium image quality. Multiple streams can also be provided for different quality needs and bandwidth limitations.

LumiiTM Technology

All network cameras are built on the strength of our proprietary Lumii™ technology. Lumii™’s high sensitivity, noise reduction and uniform light intensity bring superior imaging performance in difficult lighting conditions.

Lumii™ Optimizes Night Performance

All cameras are powered by MESSOA’s proprietary Lumii™ imaging technology which optimizes surveillance image quality in extreme settings and lighting conditions.

Mechanical ICR Day / Night Function

Featuring mechanical ICR filter, the camera automatically switches between monochrome and color mode according to the light intensity and enables the camera to deliver high-­quality images during both day and night.

 Uniform Light Intensity

IR illumination is further enhanced by Lumii technology to deliver effective lighting at distance while avoiding flares at closer range for greater visibility across the entire scene.


The HyperDynamic improves from conventional WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), featuring more sophisticated algorithm and enhanced sensitivity to allow the camera capturing a clear shot of the monitored scene with high-­ contrast lighting.

MegaSmartTM Intelligent Engine

Smart Focus

Smart Focus helps users verify whether the focus is achieved at a user-­defined spot in the monitored scene and remotely fine-­tune the focus until image quality is optimized as the indicator turns green.

Smart Encoding

By defining regions of interest (ROI) for higher video quality, this feature helps users get details where needed and utilize the bandwidth more efficiently.

Intelligent Detection

The network cameras feature versatile intelligent capabilities of detecting sound, blur, motion, Ethernet disconnection and other external user-­defined parameters, allowing users to get immediately informed and to keep track of the events when triggered. Configurable actions include email notification and video/image recording uploaded to an FTP server or the local storage (applicable when a memory card is inserted).


The network cameras are designed with dual BIOS technology to reinforce camera stability and reliability by ensuring the cameras can automatically recover from any BIOS failure in case of sudden power outage or system crash.


The MESSOA network cameras are both ONVIF-­ and PSIA-­compliant that guarantees full interoperability with other branded network video solutions for enhanced system integration and scalability.