1080p Cube Network Camera

10M (33ft.) IR, H.264, triple streaming, PoE, Wi-Fi, built-in mic & speaker, local storage

Featuring 2-megapixel full HD resolution at full frame rates, the NCC800 is designed for professional indoor surveillance, targeting retail shops, small businesses or offices where image quality is emphasized. The built-in infrared LED gives true, maximized night visibility in complete darkness up to 10 meters.

Further enhanced by the proprietary Lumii™ imaging technology, the NCC800 provides the unparalleled low light performance like no others. The camera also offers flexible installation, 2-way audio communication, and wireless connectivity to make it a comprehensive and professional business security solution.

• Enhanced Sensitivity with Lumii™
Proprietary Lumii™ technology significantly enhances the camera sensitivity while reducing video noise to deliver optimized video images in unparalleled sharpness without distortion in a low light environment.

• Exceptional Full HD 1080p Images
Whether it is general overview or close-up focus, day or night, the NCC800 provides wider and clearer images in full HD video quality at full frame rates around the clock. Blurry images are minimized, and individuals and objects of interest come through in perfect clarity.

• True Visibility in Pitch Darkness
Leading the industry in illumination distance, the integrated infrared LED illuminator gives true, maximized visibility in complete darkness with uniform light distribution up to 10 meters (33ft.), suitable for low to no light applications or places required for 24/7 covert surveillance.

• Flexible Connectivity
The NCC800 can be powered by either DC 12V or Power over Ethernet (PoE), adding flexibility to camera installations where power outlet is unavailable. Input and output ports are also included to allow connectivity to external devices such as switches, alarm relays, sensors, etc.

• Convenience with Wi-Fi Connectivity
In addition to the standard Ethernet connection to a wired network, the NCC800 is also compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity and provides the high-speed, reliable wireless network connection without the hassle of complicated wiring.