1.3MP Cube Network Camera

1/4” sensor, multiple streaming, full frame rate, digital day/night, intelligent detections, local storage (Full compatibility with NVR203)

The NCC700 Cube Network Camera is a smart, compact solution, fit for homes, small businesses, offices or restaurants. The camera brings superior image quality, featuring 1.3-megapixel resolution at full frame rate provided in multiple streaming in H.264 and M-JPEG compression. Function-wise, the camera offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities with digital day/night, intelligent video and event management, and local storage. It is also very easy to install and duly supports plug-and-play when connected and used with the MESSOA Lite NVR Solution, perfect for users who are new to the technology but want to take a leap forward from analog.

• H.264/MJPEG Multi-profile Streaming
The camera supports multi-profile streaming in H.264 and Motion JPEG compression. H.264 enables optimization for bandwidth and storage efficiency by maximizing compression while maintaining image quality.

• NVR Solution Ready
The camera supports plug-and-play when joined with the MESSOA Lite NVR Solution, making installation hassle-free. Ideal for users who are new to IP technology but want to take a leap forward from analog.

• Intelligent Video Management
The camera features motion detection, event management and smart encoding, allowing event/region-specific monitoring that help users stay informed when an event takes place, while reducing network and storage loads as only relevant video streams will be recorded.

• 2-Way Audio
The camera provides two-way audio support with a built-in microphone, allowing listening in on the monitored scene, as well as direct verbal communication with individuals at the scene from a remote location.

• Local Storage
The camera comes with a microSD/SDHC card slot for local storage/backup up to 32 GB. It provides uninterupted recording and data loss prevention should the network go down.