Indoor Dome Network Camera

1/2.7” Lumii sensor, H.264, triple streaming, digital day/night, intelligent detections, vandal-bubble

The NDF820PRO Full HD Network Camera offers greater coverage with real-time 1080p video quality up to 30fps, twice as many than its predecessor, providing users with exceptional image clarity, smooth video display, and simply a better viewing experience. Featured H.264 dual streaming reduces costs while improving performance. Backed by the proprietary Lumii™ Technology, the camera sensitivity is further enhanced to deliver sharp, detailed images in low light conditions. The camera also features WDR, ePTZ, and intelligent video detections, making it a versatile yet cost-effective solution for most indoor surveillance installations.
• Full HD, Full Frame Rate
With Full HD quality images up to 30 frames per second, the camera offers greater resolutions, more coverage, and much smoother video display, providing exceptional details and better chances for identification. Blurry images are reduced as objects of interest come through in perfect clarity 24/7.

• H.264 Dual Streaming
With triple streaming, the camera supports 2 independent H.264 streams simultaneously. This advanced technology greatly saves costs by lowering bandwidth and storage requirement while improving the overall system performance.

• Intelligent Video Management
The camera features a variety of intelligent video detections, event management and smart encoding, allowing event/region-specific monitoring that help inform security staff right when the event takes place, while reducing network and storage loads as only relevant video streams will be recorded.

• PoE Facilitates Easy Installation
Built-in support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) reduces installation cost while adding flexibility by eliminating the need for power outlets at the camera location. A single cable connection is used to view, power, and control the camera. Overall costs are reduced since there is no need for separate cables.