Full HD day/night network camera

1/2.7″ 2MP Lumii sensor, 1080p, 4mm fixed lens, digital day/night, triple streaming: H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG, PoE, vandal-bubble

The NDF820 is a cost-effective full HD camera designed to show you extremely detailed images. It features Lumii™ technology that significantly increases light sensitivity to deliver crisp image in the dark.

H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG triple streaming gives you a flexible encoding selection. With PoE capability it uses a single cable to transmit power and data at the same time. Also, motion detection and day and night functionality ensures you don’t miss a thing. A vandal bubble protects the camera from external impacts. The NDF820 is ideal for any budget.

• Lumii™ Technology
Our Lumii™ technology delivers high sensitivity images without blur. Lumii™ helps increase the sensitivity and reduces video noise in low light conditions. Night images become bright and clear.

• Full HD 1080p Images
Clear and detailed full HD quality images in all conditions. Unlike traditional megapixel cameras, HD offers higher resolutions and better frame rates at an international industry standard. Blurry images are reduced and individuals and objects of interest come through in perfect clarity.

• Cost-saving H.264 Support
The NDF820 supports the H.264 compression standard. H.264 greatly reduces the size of video compared to MJPEG and MPEG4 without compromising image quality. Storage and bandwidth needs are reduced. Plus, H.264 is expected to become the video standard of choice, so your camera is future proofed.

• ONVIF Compliant
The NDF820 conforms to Open Network Video Interface (ONVIF) standards to ensure interoperability with other network components in system-wide solutions. ONVIF promotes open-system communications among IP-based physical security devices regardless of manufacturer.

• PoE Facilitates Easy Installation
Built in support for Power Over Ethernet reduces cost and adds flexibility to the camera. A single cable connection is used to view, power, and control the camera. Installation cost are reduced since there is no need for separate cables.

• Attention Where It Matters
Intelligent video management software includes motion detection, and event trigger notification. Motion detection sensitivity settings and region specific monitoring ensures only relevant events are monitored. Receive alerts when specific events happen.

• Vandal Bubble
The NDF820 comes in a scratch-resistant and tough 3mm thick dome bubble, thus protecting the camera against external impacts and tampering.