Open Platform Network Video Surveillance System


Supported IP Cameras

System specification:

  • Up to 512 cameras in one system
  • Up to 64 cameras in one server
  • Support for Video Analytics
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Bookmark Function
  • Advanced archive browser
  • PTZ control
  • Digital zoom
  • Alarm Inputs and outputs support
  • Advanced Scheduler
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Multi level e-maps
  • Back-up function
  • Powerful CMS Client software
  • Multi stream support
  • Multi layer user accounts

NetStation open platform software was developed to be implemented on installations consisting from four to hundreds of IP cameras. Full scalability of the software allows you to fine-tune the size of the system to meet customer needs.

Thanks to an extensive network possibilities NetStation software is perfectly suited for surveillance sites scattered across large areas. Constant updates provide the guarantee that you always have at your disposal the latest solutions in line with current market trends.

Thanks to the open software architecture, the user is free to choose from more over 1,000 integrated IP cameras from all major manufacturers. The software has been developed for over 7 years and works on about 100 000 installations worldwide, which confirms the high reliability and functionality.

NetStation software is compatible with the newest IP camera solutions utilizing the HDTV standard. Mega-Pixel IP Cameras which provide video at resolutions, several times greater than PAL/NTSC, which will be a common industry standard in all future installations. The use of Mega-Pixel cameras will change the quality and reliability of CCTV systems.

The Advanced Client Software named CMS allows for an unlimited amount of remote connections to access live video streams, recorded video, and many other functions from one location. There are also clients available for Mobile Devices.

The application is considered one of the most advanced and expanded application for monitoring CCTV systems. The application can be used on devices equipped with SymbianOS / iOS / Android / BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Operating Systems.

The Archive menu in the NetStation system is highly advanced and simultaneously very simple to operate, while reviewing and managing archived video. Recording for each camera channel in the archives creates its own timeline, which clearly shows all the events that occurred to initiate recording. This creates an easy and functional way to localize and view events that occurred. The recordings are shown the same way, using a timeline in the archives. In the archives, as the operator rolls over the timeline, a new preview window is displayed, where fast playback either forward or backward can be initiated. The speed of the playback using the roll over function depends on the speed that the mouse is moved at across the timeline. The Archive Control Panel speed settings provides for functions such as forward/reverse playback with three speed selections, normal, 2x and 4x. Searching for specific motion areas is an advanced feature, which allows for better analyzing of specific areas of recorded video. All events that are found can be marked with bookmarks, for later review, and easy access. Bookmarks can be placed manually in the archives, they can be user initiated, or can be done automatically upon Input Activation.

The Camera Configuration menu allows for the precise configuration of all camera parameters on all individual cameras. Multilevel menus allow for easy to understand tools that are available for each camera. Motion detection is one of the tools available in the camera configuration, where sensitivity and object masking are essential for each camera, especially for areas with constant motion.

A specialized photo album stores screenshots of cameras where they can be watermarked, and printed with ease from specific events. The intuitive backup function allows for fast and trouble free ways to backup your archived data to any device e.g. DVD, CD, or network storage. Also options such as backing up to video files e.g. AVI, this way they can be played back on most PC’s without additional software having to be installed.

NetStation allows for the connection of up to 32 PTZ cameras. Controlling of the P/T/Z functions, can either be done manually using the keyboard, joystick, mouse or the on screen control panel. Wide range of supported domes made by several manufacturers, provide great compatibility. Preset Control is an option that can be set manually on PTZ cameras, so specific cameras can monitor larger areas.

The control of Digital Inputs and Outputs is a seamless process, as a number of programmed events can be programmed to be invoked based on specific inputs. Functions as moving a PTZ camera to a preset, start recording and controlling outputs, can be invoked using a simple input such as a motion sensor, doorbell or any other input.

Extended sound channel control is a strong feature of the NetStation software. It is possible to record up to 32 audio channels from IP cameras. Recorded sound can easily be browsed in the archives alongside with video recordings. Recording based upon sound detection is useful as it allows to record whole events even when motion is not necessarily detected. Tools for sound detection allow the precise tuning of all parameters available for sound.

To make any CCTV system function correctly, a precise system of predefined times and actions is required. Included in the NetStation software is a very advanced scheduler with a multitude of options available to control all functions. All camera recorded events, sound events, system alerts and even inputs and outputs can be specified to do specific options such as turn on recording, send output, connect to client, and emailing notifications. The connecting to remote client function is especially useful as no one is able to constantly monitor a CCTV System, and this would automatically show someone what action is happening and where. The scheduler is based on a 24/7 system where any time frame can be specified to run on set times and events.